Manpower Supply Services

Barakah Reliability Sdn Bhd has experience in project management for Oil & Gas industry. Each project is coordinated by experienced and qualified project coordinators with vast exposure in Human Resource and Oil & Gas management. BRSB is an expert in supplying personnel from various range of position and different backgrounds while complying to requirements and standards. BRSB supplies personnel ranging from:

Professional Technical

Principal Project Planner, Senior Project Manager, Senior Drilling Manager, Project Engineer, Geologists, Drilling Engineer, Completion Engineer and etc.

Professional Non-Technical

HR Executive, HSE Executive, Design Executive, Admin Executive, Planner, Cost Controller and etc.

Support Services

Document Controller, Project Admin Clerk, Assistant Cost Controller, and etc.

Technical Support

HSE Inspector, Underwater General Inspector, Pipeline Inspector, Welding Inspector, HSE Supervisor, Electrical Supervisor, Mechanical Rotating Supervisor and etc